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About Sendero Mindful

Neuroplasticity as a reason to practice mindfulness is very encouraging. It leads us to think about an evolutionary and learning process. “Sendero Mindful” wants to emphasize this possibility of transformation. The term “Sendero” stands for the path that is our day to day. The three words attention, kindness and presence refer to the philosophical principles that anchor the practice in our everyday life.


It is the basic quality of mindfulness, its raw material. Cultivating attention is important because it is the gateway to having the proper record of how events happen, how we experience the world and how we understand what happens in the present moment.


It is the way we can inhabit the practice outside of the safety of the cushion´s meditation. It refers to truly being in the present moment without any kind of judgment. Presence defines what we are and what we can deliver. It is the bond that unites and builds.


It is the kind intention to alleviate one’s own pain and that of others, understanding its causes. Incorporating compassion helps us to understand meditation as an inter-relational term that allows us to look generously at our essence and that of those around us.

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