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         We’re making the world a calmer place through presence and meditation

Founded by Olga Restrepo  
“The practice of mindfulness allows us to think how we can reinvent ourselves day to day, to begin again, transform, flow and dance with what life is giving us as we decide to give to it.” - Olga 

About Sendero Mindful

Neuroplasticity as a reason to practice mindfulness is very encouraging. It leads us to think about an evolutionary and learning process. “Sendero Mindful” wants to emphasize this possibility of transformation. The term “Sendero” stands for the path that is our day to day. The three words attention, kindness and presence refer to the philosophical principles that anchor the practice in our everyday life.


It is the basic quality of mindfulness, its raw material. Cultivating attention is important because it is the gateway to having the proper record of how events happen, how we experience the world and how we understand what happens in the present moment.


It is the way we can inhabit the practice outside of the safety of the cushion´s meditation. It refers to truly being in the present moment without any kind of judgment. Presence defines what we are and what we can deliver. It is the bond that unites and builds.


It is the kind intention to alleviate one’s own pain and that of others, understanding its causes. Incorporating compassion helps us to understand meditation as an inter-relational term that allows us to look generously at our essence and that of those around us.

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What are the benefits of mindfulness?  

  • A tool for self-knowledge

  • A mechanism to reduce stress

  • A way to use your breathing as a means to take breaks

  • A guide to self-care

  • A broad understanding of the events that cause you pain

  • A method to face difficult experiences and find the learnings

  • A philosophy of life that allows you to embrace the present moment

Why should I practice mindfulness? 
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About the Founder 

Olga Restrepo 
I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I have lived in different countries throughout my life. Traveler, nature lover, always searching for new answers... I feel a deep love for teaching, as it is a reciprocal learning process. I like to enjoy the simple things, and to serve people.

My background is in business and consulting. I did my university studies in advertising, and then I did an MBA in management with an emphasis on international business. Throughout my professional life I have taught in small companies, multinationals and postgraduate courses, in each case mindfulness has been a fundamental tool of guidance.  Currently I dedicate my time to teaching workshops through the digital platform Sendero Mindful oriented towards women, seeking to sow in the groups and at an individual level the seeds of full attention, awareness, self-esteem and a kind connection with everything that surrounds us.

I have made mindfulness a central part of my education. I have made several retreats of mindfulness, silence and academic training activities in different parts of the world. As part of the training I have had during this time, in October 2018 I was able to realize one of the dreams I had: to be with H.H Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. For a week I participated in the teachings that He personally dictates. This opportunity increased my commitment to create this space, through which I seek a little more every day to make his phrase come true:

“Let your heart open your mind.” 

My training in Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership & Compassion

Training Mindfulness Facilitator – TMF
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
University of California, Los Angeles

Intensive Practice Program – IPP
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
University of California, Los Angeles

Leading with Purpose, Dr. Leah Weiss
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Compassion Cultivation Training™ Teacher Education
Compassion Institute at Stanford

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